4 Tips To Get Your Makeup Bag Ready For Winter


Hey Diamonds!
As we say goodbye to the summer and jump quickly into winter. I wanted to share some tips with you to get your makeup bag ready for these cold months ahead.
For me personally I have already started losing my, “summer time fine tan” lol, along with some changes in my skin. And now I have to make some adjustments to my makeup bag! I wanted to share some tips that I am sure we can all benefit from.
4 Tips On How To Get Your Makeup Bag Winter Ready
* Rematch Your Foundation
* Warm Up Your Lip Color
* Increase Hydration
* Bronzer
 1. Rematch Your Foundation
   Generally in the summer time we are rocking our beautiful tans which causes women to purchase darker foundation. Now that summer is definitely behind us we need to take a close look at the foundation color.
   If you are anything like myself your skin my become more fair or pale in color. Which causes the foundation shade to be off. No worries this is common!
2. Warm Up Your Lip Color
  Red, Brown, Wine, and Burgundy lip colors are in!!! I am a fan of the deep rich colors for the fall. My favorite color to sport this time of year is a beautiful vibrant red. I usually wear a blonde section in my hair and the red lip just compliments my skin and hair color so well!
   Have fun and try out as many colors as you can! You may be surprised on what looks great on you.
3. Increase Hydration
   All year round I use hydrating sprays. But it is so very necessary in the colder months to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized. If I don’t keep my skin properly hydrated,  I will develop dry patches on my face that causes my foundation to not look its very best.
   The cold months definitely dry the skin out so keep your skin smooth, soft, and supple.
4. Bronzer
   This is a personal choice but I prefer bronzers on myself mainly in the winter. The reason is because the bronzer adds warmth to my pale complexion. In the summer I brown so beautifully that the bronzer is not at all necessary.
 Remember there are No Rules to makeup, only guidelines. Makeup is beautiful, fun and creative!
Tell me me what are some of your winter time favorites for your Makeup Bag???
Make This Day Great! Bye Diamonds!!!

Loving The Skin I Am In!!!


Feel Beautiful Series

Episode 4

In this video we did a mirror challenge. I wanted the ladies to look at themselves and appreciate the beautiful person looking back at them!

Sometimes the hardest person to face is ourselves. We can be our worst enemy at times. I have observed that when people feel better about themselves they are happier with life and able to appreciate others better.


I am blessed to have come full circle! I remember being a young lady and afraid to look in the mirror. Now I look in the mirror, I love every freckle, every blemish, my cute droopy eyes, and I see my best feature is my Smile!!! From this day forward I challenge you compliment yourself before you complain about what you don’t like! And when someone pays you a compliment simply smile and say, Thank You!!!


Carrying The Weight

Feel Beautiful Episode

Episode 2

My personal theory is that
many people have “survived childhood” I truly believe many people overlook or don’t even realize that children  experience and endure painful moments that often times they have absolutely no control over.

Many times we ourselves overlook our own pain from our childhood.  When in fact these past hurts can stunt our adult life and often times leaves us feeling inadequate or invaluable which can skew our view of the world.


Once we become legal adults at the age of  18 we go out in the world broken from our past and we never think to get counseling or healing. We simply go out on our own broken and only to make broken decisions. Which can lead to years of more emotional struggles and hardships.

It wasn’t until I was 30 years old when I truly realized that I had silenced the little girl on the inside of me. I did not want to think about the pain of the rejection so I would avoid even feeling or thinking about the cause of my pain. I remember having to go to my pastor for counseling because  emotionally I had hit rock bottom. As I opened up about my pain, it was then I was able to begin the healing process and also through that process I understood myself more and why I did the things I did. And ultimately I learned to love myself and I also realized that I was valuable!

One of the greatest things you can do is to seek help to heal from the pains of life! You deserve to be the best You possible! God not only wants for you to live life, but He wants You to Live Life More Abundantly!!!

The Skin We’re In



   As I watch Torri tell the story of how someone commented on her being cute for a dark skin woman and how it  gave her a complex, I ask myself a question.  Why do we allow something such as melanin in the skin determine beauty?  But the answer has so many layers that as we know, would extend beyond a blog post, or book, or documentary series.

Colorism has been a sensitive topic for so many years, not just within the world, but within individual cultures and races.  But the negative connotation built on decades of lies and injustice affects not just how we feel about ourselves, but how others treat us as well.

   Our country is in a horrible state because of the melanin of the skin. People are being targeted, becoming victims of violence, and hurtful words are being spewed because of the melanin of skin.

I watch my kids on the playground playing with other children of different cultural backgrounds and races and they simply enjoy playing. As crazy as it may sound how, if we could only Love as pure as children, I think this world would be such a better place. I still have hope that Black Lives Will Matter here in United States. I pray we can rise as a Human Race and embrace and love All Of God’s Children.

I challenge you to say a kind gesture to someone 5 times this week?

What are you doing in your family or community to be a beacon of light for someone else?

Finding My WHY: I’m Not The Ugly Person They Said I Was


   One of the hardest things in the world to admit is…. I don’t feel that great about myself

   As a young girl, I’ll never forget the jokes about my forehead or how i looked.  My classmates’ laughter caused me pain that would take me years to overcome. I remember the long bang on my face to hide my forehead and not wearing shorts because they said I had legs like a man. I can recall having my looks being rated by my classmates on a scale of 1 – 10 on how cute I was. I remember them rating me ZERO! Even a -10 and -50 .  I can still see that paper being passed around the room as they laughed at me. I hated going to class I felt ugly and alone. When I would pass a mirror,  I remember feeling hesitant to even look at my own reflection.  Because what I saw was all the negative things that were said about me.

It wasn’t until I was a young adult and experimenting in makeup where  I started to realize I wasn’t such an ugly duckling.  It amazes me how we live with ourselves all our life, yet we can’t truly love and embrace, or even realize our beauty, and the other things that add to or make our character unique.

   I can definitely relate to the girls and the women who experience a  lack of self confidence, or who may doubt their beauty.  Me knowing that negative feeling personally, I pray I can get rid of that feeling in as many woman as I can!

Have you ever had a moment when you did not feel great about yourself?

 Name 10 things you like about yourself!

Don’t forget to check out the Introduction episode to the Fee Beautiful Series here

Eyebrow Rescue 101


   Bravo to NYX cosmetics on the eyebrow primer, “Proof It” I found this at Target for $6.99. My brows can be funny acting sometimes. I brush them up and they’re beautiful, but as the day goes on, my brows fall and lose shape.


   Now when I purchased this primer, my thoughts were this should hold the color of my brow products and prevent them from fading, Great! But what happened next is what made me fall in love

  The directions stated to allow the primer to set for a minute prior to applying my brow products. Once I placed the primer on, I then noticed that my brow hairs where molded into place! Ok, I fought falling totally in love for a second. I then applied my brow products and my brows were perfect! I even used Less product.


  I remembered accidentally rubbing my head, thinking I had rubbed my brows off, but My brows were perfect from that morning to that night!

     Try it and let me know how it work, or of this is a product you’ve tried before.  I’d love to know your thoughts or any other questions! So comment below. Also tune this Sunday to my YouTube channel I will be posting a fun Makeup Challenge video using this product!!



The Countdown On Your Makeup Bag


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but makeup products that we spend countless of dollars for, Do Not Last Forever! Guess what, your makeup products Do Expire.

I just wonder if your makeup has surpassed the test of time, lol!
Now we must take into account that the skin on our face is a lot more sensitive than the skin on the rest of our bodies. Makeup contains chemicals such as preservatives and even Spf that over time can break down which can cause the products to not work as well along with being a host to harboring bacteria that can be harmful to your skin.

I want to share a general guideline to how long you should keep your makeup.


* Mascara 3-6 months
* Powder (blushes, bronzers and shadows) 2 years
* Eyeshadow cream 1 years
* Foundation 1 year
* Lipstick 1 year
* Gel liner 3- 6 months

Please take note that products that are used around the eyes generally have a shorter life span. Expired makeup products used on the eyes can cause irritation, redness or even an infection.

Products that are powders are hard for bacteria to grow in so if cared for properly these items can last well over a year. For all of my palettes I spray 99% alcohol after every use to rid any bacteria.

I don’t know if this will help many of us to stop Binge Shopping…. Maybe…. Hopefully… Ok let’s be real maybe Not! It was a good thought!

Beauty Tribute

Years ago I started a beauty tribute to spotlight and honor women of the past and present with their life stories and their road to success to help encourage and inspire not only myself but others.

Today I want to spotlight the late beautiful and very talented, Eartha Kitt!!!


From a humble beginning, Born in a cotton field of South Carolina to becoming a Multifaceted International Star, Eartha Kitt has left her mark in cabaret, theater, film, and television. She spoke four languages and sang in seven, which she effortlessly demonstrated in many of the live recordings of her cabaret performances.
Miss Kitt was known for her distinctive voice,her most recognizable hit, “Santa Baby” which was released in 1953. In 1967 she played “Catwoman” in the Batman television series which was a huge success. Her trademark growl became imitated worldwide. Eartha Kitt was extraordinarily gifted and her life shows that no matter where you come from, the life you live can impact and touch the World!!!
Eartha Kitt


DIY Body Bronzer


Diamonds!  It’s hot outside and it’s time to show some skin!!! So if your skin is going to be out it should look its absolute best!!!

I want to share with you how to create a body bronzer that will have your skin not only moisturized and smelling good, but an awesome radiant glow!!! All for $15 or less!!!

Items Needed
*Cosemtic Jars
*Elf Bronzer
*Baby Lotion
*Baby Oil Gel

1. Take your empty container and add the baby oil gel and lotion

2. Slowly add the bronzing powder

3. To make this bronzer really pop. I added a loose bronzer pigment

That’s it!

How to use
You can apply on your legs and arms for a luminous glow and to blurr out imperfections.

Can’t wait for you to try it!  Take a picture, post it on Instagram and tag me @SaadiaTheMUA

To BB Cream, Or Not To BB Cream?!?!

1466539174012To BB Cream… Or Not To BB Cream???

We have all heard   makeup brands everywhere claim to have the best  BB cream on the market. To be honest I have seen drugstore bb creams and high end BB creams and I am just not buying the hype.

Here is a little history of BB Creams aka Beauty Balm cream which  was created in the 1960’s by a dermatologist  named Dr. Christina Schrammek. She needed a balm to cover and protect the patients’ skin after laser treatment.PhotoGrid_1466538690163

So the intended purposes of Beauty Balm Creams were to protect from the sun (SPF protection), moisturize the skin, conceal redness and blemishes.  The initial  reason BB creams were created was an excellent idea for patients after laser treatments. But my thought is for myself, is it worth the money of me trialing different brands to find the perfect BB cream for me!?!?

Things I have noticed is many BB creams don’t have the color range deep enough for women of color. Some of the deepest shades have a red undertone that doesn’t compliment my skin. The coverage is sheer or very light. Me personally, I am a full coverage kind a girl! Lastly they don’t stand the test of time!  Mid day it looks almost unnoticable.

Here is how you can save your money and possibly have the best BB cream for your skin tone!!!

Items needed
1) Foundation
2) Moisturizer with SPF protection
3) Face Powder (loose or pressed)

Use less than half of the amount that you would normally use.PhotoGrid_1466538607548

Use same amount of moisturizer as foundationPhotoGrid_1466538643081

Mix the foundation and the moisturizer, and apply to the face with a “fluffy” brush

And then, set it with Powder!!!PhotoGrid_1466538763111

I hope you enjoyed and saved a few coins!!! Let me know what you think!!!!