I am freelance make up artist based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. My educational background is in the medical field, yet my passion is helping All Women feel Beautiful!!! I am able to enhance natural beauty as well as create bold and daring looks. I am best known for my flawless application of makeup as well as eyebrow shaping. What I enjoy the most about make up is the ability to show every woman their true power, beauty, and confidence. One brush stroke at a time.

Every Woman Should Feel Beautiful -Saadia


I had the honor of working with the beautiful and very funny, Comedian Flo So Amazzyn. Behind the scenes she speaks with words of wisdom, encouragement, and  she is very humble. She brings out joy and laughter effortless in people!


I was blessed to do makeup for the beautiful and talented Aretha Chapman on her hit single, “I Want It All” featuring D-Maub the video that was filmed in, Jacksonville, Florida videography by Will Thomas owner of Space Cherry Films.


I have worked with one of Cincinnati’s best photographers, “Shanghai Imaging” on multiple shoots.


My work has also been published in both Frame Magazine & G.E.I The Magazine with the very sexy Katie Marie.

Meeting Celebrity MUA Reggie Wells, was a great day to remember! He shared his personal story, industry knowledge and personally gave me a message that I hold close to me, even now.


Celebrity MUA Danessa Myrick and owner of, IMYB cosmetics. She shared with me how she had a career that she walked away from to pursue her dreams. She really encourage and inspired me.

Screen shot 2012-08-01 at 8.58.00 PM

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jazzy says:

    You’re such an amazing person. I thank God for your life. God put it in you to do GREAT THINGS. Keep making Him proud! I’m so happy and proud of you. Share your blessings with the world! You have stepped out on faith and because of you I truly an inspired. Something great is brewing. I love you so much. Thanks for showing me to be great on purpose. Congrats great friend. Fist pump to you. 💖♡


  2. Marilyn Gholston says:

    Hi Saadia. Congratulations on your new web site. Its very nice. Are you selling your services? I would like to have my eyebrows shaped if you are. I’m going to finish viewing your site and perhaps my questions will be answered. I’m launching my business as well my site is gotlcdiet.com/getyourhealthylife. I welce you to check it out. Thanks Saadia.


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