4 Tips To Get Your Makeup Bag Ready For Winter


Hey Diamonds!
As we say goodbye to the summer and jump quickly into winter. I wanted to share some tips with you to get your makeup bag ready for these cold months ahead.
For me personally I have already started losing my, “summer time fine tan” lol, along with some changes in my skin. And now I have to make some adjustments to my makeup bag! I wanted to share some tips that I am sure we can all benefit from.
4 Tips On How To Get Your Makeup Bag Winter Ready
* Rematch Your Foundation
* Warm Up Your Lip Color
* Increase Hydration
* Bronzer
 1. Rematch Your Foundation
   Generally in the summer time we are rocking our beautiful tans which causes women to purchase darker foundation. Now that summer is definitely behind us we need to take a close look at the foundation color.
   If you are anything like myself your skin my become more fair or pale in color. Which causes the foundation shade to be off. No worries this is common!
2. Warm Up Your Lip Color
  Red, Brown, Wine, and Burgundy lip colors are in!!! I am a fan of the deep rich colors for the fall. My favorite color to sport this time of year is a beautiful vibrant red. I usually wear a blonde section in my hair and the red lip just compliments my skin and hair color so well!
   Have fun and try out as many colors as you can! You may be surprised on what looks great on you.
3. Increase Hydration
   All year round I use hydrating sprays. But it is so very necessary in the colder months to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized. If I don’t keep my skin properly hydrated,  I will develop dry patches on my face that causes my foundation to not look its very best.
   The cold months definitely dry the skin out so keep your skin smooth, soft, and supple.
4. Bronzer
   This is a personal choice but I prefer bronzers on myself mainly in the winter. The reason is because the bronzer adds warmth to my pale complexion. In the summer I brown so beautifully that the bronzer is not at all necessary.
 Remember there are No Rules to makeup, only guidelines. Makeup is beautiful, fun and creative!
Tell me me what are some of your winter time favorites for your Makeup Bag???
Make This Day Great! Bye Diamonds!!!

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