Carrying The Weight

Feel Beautiful Episode

Episode 2

My personal theory is that
many people have “survived childhood” I truly believe many people overlook or don’t even realize that children  experience and endure painful moments that often times they have absolutely no control over.

Many times we ourselves overlook our own pain from our childhood.  When in fact these past hurts can stunt our adult life and often times leaves us feeling inadequate or invaluable which can skew our view of the world.


Once we become legal adults at the age of  18 we go out in the world broken from our past and we never think to get counseling or healing. We simply go out on our own broken and only to make broken decisions. Which can lead to years of more emotional struggles and hardships.

It wasn’t until I was 30 years old when I truly realized that I had silenced the little girl on the inside of me. I did not want to think about the pain of the rejection so I would avoid even feeling or thinking about the cause of my pain. I remember having to go to my pastor for counseling because  emotionally I had hit rock bottom. As I opened up about my pain, it was then I was able to begin the healing process and also through that process I understood myself more and why I did the things I did. And ultimately I learned to love myself and I also realized that I was valuable!

One of the greatest things you can do is to seek help to heal from the pains of life! You deserve to be the best You possible! God not only wants for you to live life, but He wants You to Live Life More Abundantly!!!

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