The Skin We’re In



   As I watch Torri tell the story of how someone commented on her being cute for a dark skin woman and how it  gave her a complex, I ask myself a question.  Why do we allow something such as melanin in the skin determine beauty?  But the answer has so many layers that as we know, would extend beyond a blog post, or book, or documentary series.

Colorism has been a sensitive topic for so many years, not just within the world, but within individual cultures and races.  But the negative connotation built on decades of lies and injustice affects not just how we feel about ourselves, but how others treat us as well.

   Our country is in a horrible state because of the melanin of the skin. People are being targeted, becoming victims of violence, and hurtful words are being spewed because of the melanin of skin.

I watch my kids on the playground playing with other children of different cultural backgrounds and races and they simply enjoy playing. As crazy as it may sound how, if we could only Love as pure as children, I think this world would be such a better place. I still have hope that Black Lives Will Matter here in United States. I pray we can rise as a Human Race and embrace and love All Of God’s Children.

I challenge you to say a kind gesture to someone 5 times this week?

What are you doing in your family or community to be a beacon of light for someone else?

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