Eyebrow Rescue 101


   Bravo to NYX cosmetics on the eyebrow primer, “Proof It” I found this at Target for $6.99. My brows can be funny acting sometimes. I brush them up and they’re beautiful, but as the day goes on, my brows fall and lose shape.


   Now when I purchased this primer, my thoughts were this should hold the color of my brow products and prevent them from fading, Great! But what happened next is what made me fall in love

  The directions stated to allow the primer to set for a minute prior to applying my brow products. Once I placed the primer on, I then noticed that my brow hairs where molded into place! Ok, I fought falling totally in love for a second. I then applied my brow products and my brows were perfect! I even used Less product.


  I remembered accidentally rubbing my head, thinking I had rubbed my brows off, but My brows were perfect from that morning to that night!

     Try it and let me know how it work, or of this is a product you’ve tried before.  I’d love to know your thoughts or any other questions! So comment below. Also tune this Sunday to my YouTube channel I will be posting a fun Makeup Challenge video using this product!!



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