Beauty Tribute

Years ago I started a beauty tribute to spotlight and honor women of the past and present with their life stories and their road to success to help encourage and inspire not only myself but others.

Today I want to spotlight the late beautiful and very talented, Eartha Kitt!!!


From a humble beginning, Born in a cotton field of South Carolina to becoming a Multifaceted International Star, Eartha Kitt has left her mark in cabaret, theater, film, and television. She spoke four languages and sang in seven, which she effortlessly demonstrated in many of the live recordings of her cabaret performances.
Miss Kitt was known for her distinctive voice,her most recognizable hit, “Santa Baby” which was released in 1953. In 1967 she played “Catwoman” in the Batman television series which was a huge success. Her trademark growl became imitated worldwide. Eartha Kitt was extraordinarily gifted and her life shows that no matter where you come from, the life you live can impact and touch the World!!!
Eartha Kitt


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