DIY Body Bronzer


Diamonds!  It’s hot outside and it’s time to show some skin!!! So if your skin is going to be out it should look its absolute best!!!

I want to share with you how to create a body bronzer that will have your skin not only moisturized and smelling good, but an awesome radiant glow!!! All for $15 or less!!!

Items Needed
*Cosemtic Jars
*Elf Bronzer
*Baby Lotion
*Baby Oil Gel

1. Take your empty container and add the baby oil gel and lotion

2. Slowly add the bronzing powder

3. To make this bronzer really pop. I added a loose bronzer pigment

That’s it!

How to use
You can apply on your legs and arms for a luminous glow and to blurr out imperfections.

Can’t wait for you to try it!  Take a picture, post it on Instagram and tag me @SaadiaTheMUA

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