To BB Cream, Or Not To BB Cream?!?!

1466539174012To BB Cream… Or Not To BB Cream???

We have all heard   makeup brands everywhere claim to have the best  BB cream on the market. To be honest I have seen drugstore bb creams and high end BB creams and I am just not buying the hype.

Here is a little history of BB Creams aka Beauty Balm cream which  was created in the 1960’s by a dermatologist  named Dr. Christina Schrammek. She needed a balm to cover and protect the patients’ skin after laser treatment.PhotoGrid_1466538690163

So the intended purposes of Beauty Balm Creams were to protect from the sun (SPF protection), moisturize the skin, conceal redness and blemishes.  The initial  reason BB creams were created was an excellent idea for patients after laser treatments. But my thought is for myself, is it worth the money of me trialing different brands to find the perfect BB cream for me!?!?

Things I have noticed is many BB creams don’t have the color range deep enough for women of color. Some of the deepest shades have a red undertone that doesn’t compliment my skin. The coverage is sheer or very light. Me personally, I am a full coverage kind a girl! Lastly they don’t stand the test of time!  Mid day it looks almost unnoticable.

Here is how you can save your money and possibly have the best BB cream for your skin tone!!!

Items needed
1) Foundation
2) Moisturizer with SPF protection
3) Face Powder (loose or pressed)

Use less than half of the amount that you would normally use.PhotoGrid_1466538607548

Use same amount of moisturizer as foundationPhotoGrid_1466538643081

Mix the foundation and the moisturizer, and apply to the face with a “fluffy” brush

And then, set it with Powder!!!PhotoGrid_1466538763111

I hope you enjoyed and saved a few coins!!! Let me know what you think!!!!

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