Last week I had to make some adjustments!  This week my skin feels more moisturized and refreshed! Oh yeSSS, the zits that I had, it looks like the Clean and Clear cleanser cleared that right up in 7 days!
Now the Sea Breeze astringent made me feel like my pores were wide open! I use the astringent after I cleanse my face. I apply the Sea Breeze on a cotton ball, using a circular motion and this pulls up the dirt in my pores! Oh Em Gee I can feel it working!
I am still using the Ambi Face Moisturizer and exfoliating twice a week.
I will continue with this  combination of skin care products! I’m excited to see how my skin improves over the next few weeks!

Hope you ladies are hanging in there!!! Talk to me!  Comment!  If you don’t want to post your progress, feel free to email me your progress to !  I care about you all!  I really want to know how your skin care challenge is going!


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