Today as I write my first blog post, I am filled with joy! My entire career has been in the medical field and in 2011 I decided to go after my dream of being A Professional Makeup Artist! I didn’t have much money to buy the makeup kit that I wanted and I knew I had to educate myself, so the world would take me seriously as a professional artist.

I have two girl friends that I am eternally grateful for. They believed in my gift and helped me to get started. April gave me a case of makeup that would be a great help to start my makeup kit along with Pauline who had been a beauty educator for Sephora to help teach me about product and help me understand the details and the concepts of good make up application along with me buying books written by other MUA’s to help create myself as an artist.

Over the years I have met some people who have taught me great lessons and some who I have learn hard lessons from. Good or bad every moment has led me here with you right now. I had moments where I wasn’t taken seriously, taken for granted, under valued and often times rejected. I even had times where I felt so low that I wanted to give up.

I love working with the everyday woman who has sometimes forgotten how beautiful she actually is. The look on her face as she sees her reflection in the mirror is absolutely priceless. Makeup artistry for me is far more than me making a woman feel good for the day. It is reminding them of the beauty that was always there and hopefully depositing something into her spirit that will not only allow her to see the outer beauty but the True Beauty and Strength that is within her. This is what has kept me from not giving up!
Today I feel a great sense of gratitude, excitement, humility, and optimism for the great things that are in store for the future. Today we will start this journey together not just with being beautiful on the outside but to grow in make up skill, feeling better about ourselves internally, and each day loving ourselves more and more! Oh yeah and having fun too!!!!

I want to thank God for giving me this gift to share with the world! To my Husband, Aaron and my sons thank you for supporting me, cheering me on and dealing with makeup all over the house!!! My special friend, Ingy for seeing something special, and believing in me. I appreciate you helping so much with this project and teaching me always challenging me to be better, and to have a spirit of excellence in everything that I do! I pray that the doors you help open for me that God gives it right back to you 100 fold!!!


Saadia Your Makeup Artist

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